Papers reflecting the experience of research, experimental and practical work, proposals to improve the regulatory documents are accepted by the Committee. The papers must necessarily reflect:

  • Relevance of the considered problem
  • Novelty of performed research and/or development
  • Prospects for the use of the results

All papers will be reviewed. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject papers that do not reflect of unclearly reflect all of the above mentioned elements.

Requirements for papers

  1. In order to participate in the Conference the paper and the application should be submitted.
  2. The paper should be submitted in A4 format. The paper should not exceed six full pages, including authors list, text, figures, tables and references. The text of the paper should include: name of the paper, its authors and organization the authors represent, abstract (all in Russian or English), as well as authors actual contact information. Requirements to the papers are provided in Paper Template.

Terms of delivery of materials to the Organizing Committee of the Conference

  1. The paper should be submitted as MS Word file author_surname.doc — e.g. Ivanov.doc (in case MS Office 2007 or later is used the papers are accepted with the extension .docx).
  2. File sent by e-mail can be compressed. Self-extracting archives should not be used, since antivirus system on the mail server blocks all executable files (*.exe, *.com, etc.). Papers of extensions .rtf or .docx are also accepted.
  3. Organizing Committee will confirm the reception of the relevant materials via e-mail.
    If the confirmation has not arrived from October 01 to October 05, 2016 the author should contact the Organizing Committee.
  4. Following the results of the review by October 20, 2016 the participants of the Conference will be invited.

All authors should send to the Organizing Committee via post or e-mail the License agreement providing the rights to publish the paper. The License agreement and the rights transfer procedure will be provided by October 20, 2016.