Power quality is essential to the effectiveness of electrical energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption processes. The issues of power quality management are in the spotlight of major electrical organizations (CIGRE, CIRED, IEC) and scientific and practical activities of electrical and power engineers in different countries.

National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (MPEI), Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ESI SB RAS), Ministry of Energy of the Moscow Region and Federal Grid Company of Unified energy system» (PJSC "FGC UES") invite research and design institutes, power grid and distribution companies, dispatching control centers, educational institutions, supervisory and regulatory bodies, developers of regulatory norms, measuring instruments and equipment manufacturers and all other professionals working in the field of power quality for participation in the International Conference on Power Quality Management.

The following topics are to be discussed at the Conference:

  • Sources of power quality deterioration: distorting loads of customers, electrical grid, environment
  • Power quality measuring: instruments; automated systems; measurement methods; result of power quality measurement in electrical grids, industrial installations, laboratories; power quality monitoring and monitoring methods
  • Power quality analysis methods: physical and mathematical modelling, software
  • Consequences of deteriorated power quality: damages, power quality impact on power supply reliability
  • Economic research in power quality: damage assessment, economic responsibility for deterioration of power quality
  • Power quality and market: evaluation of partial contribution of market players in the deterioration of power quality, electricity cost, taking into account power quality
  • Methods and tools for power quality assurance
  • Legal aspects in the field of power quality
  • Regulatory documents in the field of power quality
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and power quality
  • Power quality problems in smart power systems, impact of renewable energy sources on power quality
  • Education in the field of power quality
  • Other issues related to power quality

Working languages of the Conference are Russian and English