Organizing Comittee of the Conference

Nikolai D. RogalevChairman, Rector of the National Research University "MPEI"
Yuri V. SharovCo-Chairman, Head of EPS Department, "MPEI"
Vladimir N. TulskyCo-Chairman, Head of scientific and research laboratory, "MPEI"
Ilya I. KartashevLeading research fellow, "MPEI"
Lidiya I. KovernikovaSenior research fellow, ESI SB RAS
Ekaterina N. GusevaEditor-in-chief of "Electric Power. Transmission and distribution"
Rinat R. NasyrovResearch fellow, "MPEI"
Svetlana A. FakhrievaAssistant, research fellow, "MPEI"
Boris V. OleksyukLead engineer of EPS Department, "MPEI"
Maksim A. SilaevLead engineer of EPS Department, "MPEI"
Vladislav S. Berezovsky1st rank engineer of EPS Department, "MPEI"
Dmitry S. BocharovEngineer of EPS Department, "MPEI"

International Scientific Committee of the Conference

We are proud of the world's leading scientists, developers and technical specialists in the field of power quality, who have agreed to join the International Scientific Committee of the Conference. Their experience and qualification is confirmed by the cutting-edge publications, significant professional experience, academic degrees and titles, and outstanding performance in power engineering.

Media Partners of the Conference

Languages of the Conference

Working languages of the Conference are Russian and English