Papers reflecting the experience of research, experimental and practical work, proposals to improve the regulatory documents are accepted by the Committee. The papers must necessarily reflect:

  • Relevance of the considered problem
  • Novelty of performed research and/or development
  • Prospects for the use of the results

All papers will be reviewed. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject papers that do not reflect or unclearly reflect all of the above mentioned elements.

Requirements for papers

  1. In order to participate in the Conference the paper and the application should be submitted (in attacment below).
  2. The paper should be submitted in A4 format. The paper should not exceed six full pages, including authors list, text, figures, tables and references. The text of the paper should include: name of the paper, its authors and organization the authors represent, abstract (all in Russian or English), as well as authors actual contact information. Requirements to the papers are provided in Paper Template.

Terms of delivery of materials to the Organizing Committee of the Conference

  1. Cooperation with the Participants is made only by e-mail using the address
  2. For participating in the Conference and receiving the Participant status, electronic registration form,  indicating valid participant's e-mail address, must be completed (registration form is available for download on the official conference website). Filling out the registration form and sending it to the Organizing Committee through the Conference official website indicates the unconditional acceptance by the participant of all items of the Conference Regulations.
  3. The paper should be submitted as MS Word file First_author_surname.doc — e.g. Ivanov.doc (in case MS Office 2007 or later is used the papers are accepted with the extension .docx). Submission requirements are published on the official website of the Conference.
  4. Sending an application on the official website of the Conference indicates that the Participant unconditionally accepts all the provisions of the License Agreement (in attachment 2 below), and also gives his consent to the processing of personal data (in attachment 3 below).
  5. A positive review requires the Participant or the Participant's organization to pay the registration fee for participation in the conference.